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Zed Ball Retrospective

Born in Council, Virginia in 1937, Zed Ball was the youngest boy of ten children. He was interested in art at a very young age but could not afford supplies, so he made do with whatever was at hand, discovering that he could make a beautiful piece of art out something that nobody else wanted. Some of his favorite subjects were Native American, and he greatly admired their way of living in harmony with the earth. Mountain men were also frequent subjects, and he considered himself a kind of a modern day mountain man: painting & carving all winter, then traveling to the big city to sell his art work come spring. Zed has collectors throughout the United States and some foreign countries and has won many awards, but he always said the best award was the many friends he made along the way. He believed that he was doing exactly what the great spirit meant for him to do. Zed Ball died in January of 2014.

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