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                                                                                           Cathy Raines Keen

                                                                       Quilter from Breaks, VA

Cathy Keen is from a family of quilters. She learned the craft from her mother, who learned it from her mother. Cathy’s father also liked to help with the quilting process.


Cathy loves to make what she calls “piece quilts.” Her mother used to have a fabric store and she saved all the pieces that were left from the bolts of fabric. Cathy says she has made many quilts over the years from that fabric, and sadly, she says, it is almost all gone.


Besides quilts, Cathy crochets, makes curtains, and loves to craft things like Christmas ornaments. She lives in Buchanan County, Breaks, VA where she grew up, with her husband Ronald and an assortment of dogs.

Below you will find the masterfully made quilts that Cathy has made that are available for purchase at the Arts Center. 

Stained Glass


Lone Star 



Cabin Quilt


Proverb Lap or Wall Quilt



All pieces shown have been named and priced by the creator.

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