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Storytelling performance

Singing a cappella in the old way of her Mamaw, or honky tonkin’ with her guitar, award winning storyteller and songwriter Anndrena Belcher captivates with a style all her own! 'Dancing in the Wilderness' is a performance that blends visual art, stories, songs, poems and folklore, kindling the home fires through images remembered and passed on through the generations of her family. “My Granny used to call stories of the elders "Old Folkses Tales," says Anndrena, “whether the...y were personal stories of life, love, work, raising children, death, school, or folktales, riddles, songs and skills handed down through the ages. I am so lucky to have had many beloved teachers in my family who managed to create beauty, whether out of the necessity of poverty, or the wealth of imagination! This creativity and innovative spirit, I believe, is the essence of Appalachian culture. To ‘dance in the wilderness’ is to step into the "wilds” of the unknown, trusting instinct to lead the way.” Come immerse yourself, letting these songs and stories fall around you like many colored leaves - Autumn is here after all, and it is the perfect time to listen to some tales!

Tickets are on sale now for $10 at Appalachian Arts Center. Space is limited, so reserve your seats early! Call 276-596-9188 to pay via credit card or stop by the Center during normal business hours: Tuesday- Friday: 12-6pm; Saturday: 10am-6pm.

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