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Arts Center welcomes new office manager

Appalachian Arts Center is pleased to announce that Sandy Herbert has been hired as our new office manager.

An alumna of Southwest Virginia Community College, Sandy

holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Organizational Development, as well as a Master's Degree in Marketing. She is also an artist who enjoys working in a wide range of media.

"When I think of my earliest influences in art, I don't think of famous artists, musicians, or the fine arts. I think of my family and friends who were quilters, woodworkers, whittlers, folk artists in song or crafts, and makers of all types of things. Although I haven't had formal art training, I am part of the culturally rich Appalachian artistic tradition, and like many, my art is not limited to one form. I enjoy working on a variety creative projects including recycled and reclaimed items, paper art, painting, doll making, and altered art," says Sandy.

"My career and life experiences, combined with my love of creating has allowed me to come full circle. I am so happy to be a part of SWCC again, and can honestly say that being Office Manager at Appalachian Arts Center is as close to my dream job as I could get. It's a place where business and creativity meet, and where handmade work by our local people brings pride and inspiration to the community."

Please stop by the Arts Center and introduce yourself to Sandy!

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